J. Jansen Designs Jewelry

J Jansen Designs Jewelry

Signature Jewelry

J Jansen Designs Jewelry offers a classic elegance that consists of unique handcrafted metals,  semi-precious and Swarovski crystals, appealing to anyone for any  occasion. Created for the individual that wants to stand out in a  subtler way, pieces are designed to get the  attention they deserve. The individual wearing this line is sure to be  noticed as having a tremendous fashion sense with a flare for the unique 

Her designs are truly a work of art, crafted to be timeless. They can be worn where ever you go and for any occasion. J Jansen Designs jewelry that comes in an outstanding choice of colors, in both silver and gold.

 Created for upscale boutiques, casinos, galleries, catalogs and of  course individuals. Each Couture piece is as unique and special as the  person wearing it. 



Upscale Jewelry

J Jansen offers a unique style to her jewelry, they are each their own individual piece of art to be worn and cherished by the women who loves to be noticed.